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Ministry of Power

SIMULATORS : 210 MW Thermal Power Plant Simulators.

NPTI Nagpur equipped with 210 MW fossil fuel fired thermal power plant full scope real time Simulators.

NPTI Nagpur replicates 210 MW  unit of Khaperkheda T.P.S. Simulators provide a unique opportunity fo the trainees to experience a full range of  operation and stress situations in an integrated mode of Unit Operation. These state of the art Simulator facilities improve the reflex operational skills of Shift Charge Engineers.

Unit Controllers. Operators and fresh engineers being inducted into Operation and fine-tune their skills in operational emergencies together with tremendous integrated Unit experience, exposure and understanding of normal operations viz., Cold, Warm, & Hot Start up processes as well, NPTI has trained more than 6820 engineers and operators on these simulators, since their installation.