Did India lost any match in 2011 World Cup?

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Dates 19 February – 2 April 2011
Champions India (2nd title)
Runners-up Sri Lanka
Participants 14 (from 104 entrants)

How did India won World Cup 2011?

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, against the backdrop of an emotionally charged Wankhede Stadium, India went on to win the coveted World Cup after 28 years by eking out a six-wicket win over Sri Lanka.

Why did India lose the World Cup?

Some experts saw a pattern in losing these two semi-finals and one Champions Trophy 2017 final – that Team India did not perform well in pressure situations. Some thought it was rain that spoiled India’s momentum when they had New Zealand on the mat on the first day.

Who is the winner of 2011 World Cup?

Who is the king of IPL?

Over the years, hundreds of players and 13 franchises have participated in IPL. Numerous players such as Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, David Warner have demonstrated outstanding performances but Virat Kohli is the undisputed King of IPL.

Who is the best captain in the world?

Best Captain in the world

  • Graeme Smith. Smith was given the role of captaincy when he was just 22 and had played just 8 Tests then. …
  • MS Dhoni. …
  • Ricky Ponting.
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Why did India fail in New Zealand?

India started off on the wrong note in the WTC Final. … India did not field a team for the conditions, which were loaded heavily in favour of the seamers, as they included three fast bowlers and two spinners, while New Zealand went in with an all-pace attack, leaving out the spinner.

How many matches did India won in World Cup?

India’s historical win-loss record at the cricket world cup is 53-29, with 1 match being tied and another one being abandoned due to rain.

Overall record.

Location/Year 2019
Games 10
Won 7
Tied/No result 1
Lost 2

What happened to India in 2019 World Cup?

India had been unbeaten in World Cup 2019 and headed into the match in Birmingham as firm favouites against England who are in danger of facing an early exit from the tournament after back-to-back defeats to Sri Lanka and Australia.

Who won World Cup 2020?

On the other hand, the Sri Lankan team has played three finals of the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup, winning one and runner up in two finals.

Hemant Singh.

Winner Runner up Year/Host
6. West Indies England 2016/India
7. Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic 2020/Australia

Who is the best player in 2011 World Cup?

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Sr. No. Player Name Highest Score
01. T Dilshan 144
02. Sachin Tendulkar 120
03. Kumar Sangakkara 111
04. IJL Trott 92
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