Frequent question: Is a Neighbour country much ahead of India?

Which Neighbour country is much ahead of India?

The neighbouring country of India that ranks higher on the human development report of UNDP is Sri Lanka.

What is the neighboring country of India?

The countries which share their land border with India are as follows: • Pakistan and Afghanistan in the northwest. China, Nepal and Bhutan in the north. Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east. India surrounds Bangladesh on three sides.

Which country is not a neighbor of India?

A neighbouring country but not a part of Indian subcontinent is China. Politically,the Indian subcontinent is said to comprise of the following seven States(countries): India,Pakistan,Nepal,Bhutan,Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

How many countries are immediate Neighbours of India?

Afghanistan – Afghanistan is another neighbouring country of India located in the Central Asia. It has many other countries in its neighbourhood including China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The country has an area of 6,52,230 sq km.

Which island countries are our southern Neighbours?

(iv) Maldives and Sri Lanka are our southern neighbours.

Where is India located?

Is Tajikistan Neighbour of India?

Today, Tajikistan is an extended neighbour of India and is geo-strategically significant for India’s Central Asia policy. … Tajikistan shares long and porous border with Afghanistan and is always been on the verge of spread of extremism and terrorism in its territory.

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