How can I talk to police in India?

How can I contact Indian police?


Disaster Management Services 108
Women Helpline 1091

How can we help police in India?

Now, call on ‘112’ to get immediate assistance from police and other emergency services | India News – Times of India.

How can I get help from police?

One can file a police complaint in the nearest police station in whose jurisdiction the crime was committed. However, in case of an urgency, for a serious offence (cognizable offence), a police complaint can be filed in any police station. The Police Officer will have to register Zero FIR immediately.

How will police contact?

Generally, the police won’t call you. They’ll just come to your door and arrest you. However, if you should receive a telephone call from the police and they start asking you questions, don’t expect that you can talk your way out of a situation or explain it away.

Who is police in India?

The Indian Police Service (IPS) is an All India Service, which is recruited, trained and managed by the Central Government and which provides the bulk of senior officers to the State Police Forces.

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How can I call emergency police in India?

The emergency number ‘112’ is a single emergency helpline number for various emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance, etc. It provides 24*7 emergency responses across the country. Immediate assistance will be provided to the affected.

Who is the first female IPS officer in India?

Kiran Bedi (born 9 June 1949) is an Indian politician, social activist, retired police officer and tennis player, who was the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry from 28 May 2016 to 16 February 2021. She is the first Indian female to become an officer in the Indian Police Service and started her service in 1972.

What is the salary of Indian Police Service?

IPS Salary (As per the ranks):

Ranks Salary
Senior Superintendent of Police, also designated as Deputy Commissioner of Police 15,600-39,100 INR along with grade pay of 8,700 INR
Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police 39,000 INR along with grade pay of 7,600 INR

Can Indian police ask for ID?

Ask for Identity Card – If your car is stopped by traffic police, you have the right to ask the cops for their identification proof in case they are not wearing it.

How do I ask the police a question?

Call 101 for non-emergency enquiries. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service on 18001 101.

What can you do if police don’t take action?

File a Writ Petition in the High Court – With the help of a lawyer, you may also file a writ petition in the High Court of your state if the police officer refuses to take action or file your complaint. This will oblige the police officer(s) to show cause or reasons for not filing your complaint.

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How do I write a complaint letter to the police?

Letter to Police Tips

  1. The authority should be addressed properly.
  2. The problem/ issue should be mentioned clearly and precisely.
  3. The date, time, place of the occurrence should be mentioned, if any.
  4. A request should be made for the required action to be taken.
  5. Proper format should be followed.
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