How did James Mill View the India?

What did James Mill view about India?

James Mill is that historian who is deemed as the first person to write about India in a serial order. The sole purpose of Mill to state a view about India was to defend the reason behind British intervention in Indian affairs. According to him India was backward and had unacceptable culture.

Who was James Mill How did he view India Class 8?

How did James Mill view India? Answer: James Mill did not cherish any positive idea about India. He was of the opinion that all Asian societies were at a lower level of civilisation than Europe. According to his telling of history, before the British came to India, the Hindu and the Muslim despots ruled the country.

What was James Mill’s views on the British rule in India?

John Stuart Mill was simply upholding the family tradition when he fought (unsuccessfully) in 1858 to retain the body which he and his father had so faithfully served. 2 As Professor Stokes’s excellent study shows,3 utilitarianism exerted great influence on British rule in India during the nineteenth century.

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How did Mills decide Indian history?

In 1817, James Mill, a Scottish economist and political philosopher, published a massive three-volume work, A History of British India. In this he divided Indian history into three periods – Hindu, Muslim and British. This periodisation came to be widely accepted.

Who was James Mill Class 8?

James Mill (born James Milne, 6 April 1773 – 23 June 1836) was a Scottish historian, economist, political theorist, and philosopher.

Who wrote a history of British India?

What is history class 8?

History is an essential sub-subject related to CBSE Class 8 Social Science. History is all about learning our past events. This subject needs a clear understanding of the concepts, as it includes lots of dates that need to be memorized.

Who were Calligraphists Class 8?

Answer: Calligraphists are those who are specialized in the art of beautiful handwriting. In the early years of the nineteenth century documents were carefully copied out and beautifully written by calligraphists. 9. Mention one important source used by historians in writing about the last 250 years of Indian history.

Why did James Mill attacked the Orientalist?

Orientalists believed that ancient Indian learning was valuable. Hence, they wanted Indian to be imparted education in both ancient Indian learning as well as modern western learning. Hence, he attacked orientalists for their emphasis on ancient Indian learning. …

How have other historians divided Indian History?

Answer: Historians divide the past into large segments—periods—that possess shared characteristics. In the middle of the nineteenth century British historians divided the history of India into three periods: “Hindu”, “Muslim” and “British”. … On the other hand, the modern past is followed by the medieval past.

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