How far is Busch Gardens from Indian Rocks Beach?

Can you do Busch Gardens in one day?

Busch Gardens Tampa is the PLACE TO BE for coasters. You can literally spend a whole day just riding gnarly rides! … There are tons of exciting coasters, gorgeous scenery and fun animal interactions. The park also hosts annual events year-round, including Howl-O-Scream, Christmas Town, Summer Nights and food festivals.

Is Indian Rocks Beach Safe?

Considering only the crime rate, Indian Rocks Beach is as safe as the Florida state average and as safe as the national average.

How long do you need at Busch Gardens?

To totally enjoy the park, plan on spending at least 4 to 6 hours.

Can you sneak food into Busch Gardens?

Hard and soft cooler, glass containers, bags of food, picnic style meals including but not limited to sandwiches, sodas and alcohol may not be taken into the park. Bottles of water (one per person) and single-serve sized snacks (approx. 2 oz or less) are allowed to be brought into the park.

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Is Busch Gardens Fast Pass worth it?

Guests always ask if Quick Queue is worth the price. The answer is always yes, especially at certain peak times of the year like summer, spring break and the holiday season.

What’s the best day to go to Busch Gardens?

After some advice from others on what day may be a better day to visit, we decided to go on a Tuesday, after it was suggested Monday and Tuesdays are less busy and cheaper. This was so true! Line ups were minimal on this day with barely any waits.

Are there sharks at Indian Rocks Beach?

There is nothing unusual about these catches. There have been occasional reports of Makos and sometimes great white sharks being caught from the beach or pier most years. Many species are making their seasonal migration, moving north with warming sea temperatures.

Is Indian Rock beach crowded?

Visitors, vacationers and residents of Indian Rocks Beach enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and a less crowded quintessential beach experience than the bigger and busier beaches of the surrounding Gulf Coast region.

Can you drink alcohol on Indian Rocks Beach?

Indian Rocks Beach: Nope, nor glass bottles. … “Alcoholic beverages must be in appropriate non-glass containers.” Fill up your Yeti and call a Lyft. Keep in mind, you can’t take your unsealed container or cup onto the street, sidewalk, alley, parking lot or open property.

Can I wear flip flops to Busch Gardens?

The ride is floorless, and if you’re wearing flip-flops or other shoes prone to fall off, there are cubbies right where you hop on and off the ride where you can stash your shoes.

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What is the least busy day at Busch Gardens?

Weekdays in winter, late spring, and fall typically have the lowest crowds. Because most of the attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa are outdoors, a day with extended inclement weather will often reduce crowd levels.

What to know before going to Busch Gardens?

Planning Your Day

  • Pack Light. As with most theme parks, Busch Gardens Tampa does not allow bags on most rides. …
  • Arrive Early. …
  • Dress Appropriately. …
  • Park Near the Tram. …
  • Decide the Theme of Your Day. …
  • Grab a Map. …
  • Consider Purchasing an All Day Dining Pass. …
  • Visit the Animals First.
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