How many species of birds in the Mumbai region about 40% are migratory?

How many species of birds were recorded from wetlands of India?

Kaziranga, home of the world’s most one-horned rhinos, has 96 species of wetland birds — one of the highest for wildlife preserves in India.

Does Mumbai have Eagles?

The data throws light on how, despite the not-so-favourable environment, certain bird species have been rising in Mumbai. … Birds of prey like the black kite, tawny eagle, steppe eagle and other birds found food and their numbers have risen,”” said Subramanian.

Where are black kites found?

Black kites are found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. European and central Asian birds are migratory, moving to the tropics in winter, but populations in warmer regions are residents.

Is there bird flu in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra government has released fresh data on poultry bird mortality. … The state informs that so far 10,66,079 poultry birds have been culled (including 8,98,273 birds from Navapur, District Nandurbar); 60,75,803 eggs and 83,796 kg poultry feed has been destroyed in areas affected by bird flu.

Which birds migrate to Mumbai between October and March?

Thousands of flamingos migrate to Mumbai every year between the months of October and March before flying out around June. They arrive from the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan, some even from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Israel.

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What is in a wetland?

Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season. … Wetlands may support both aquatic and terrestrial species.

What are the birds found in Kaziranga National Park?

Several other important families of birds inhabit Kaziranga, including rare species of hornbills (great Indian hornbill and the lesser risk wreathed hornbill), Old World babblers (Jerdon’s babbler, marsh babbler) and weaver birds (the common baya weaver and the threatened Finn’s weaver), thrushes (Hodgson’s bushchat), …

How many wetlands are declared as Ramsar site in India?

There are 2414 Wetlands of International Importance under Ramsar treaty spreading over 254,540,512 ha of lands across the globe. The treaty came into force on February 01, 1982 in India. By 2019, India had 37 Ramsar sites covering about 10,679.39 sq km land.

What is the role of birds in the ecosystem?

When birds travel, they take the seeds they have eaten with them and disperse them through their droppings. They bring plants back to ecosystems that have been destroyed, and even carry plants across the sea to new land masses. Birds have helped to shape the plant life we see around us – and around the world.

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