In which country 1 rupee has highest value?

In which country Indian rupee has highest value?

Travel Destinations Where Indian Currency is of High Value

  • Indonesia : 1 INR = 210.49 Indonesian Rupiah. …
  • Paraguay: 1 INR = 86.34 Paraguayan Guarani. …
  • Chile : 1 INR = 9.10 Chilean Peso. …
  • Costa Rica : 1 INR = 8.79 Costa Rican Colon. …
  • Hungary : 1 INR = 3.92 Hungarian Forint.

Which country is cheaper than Indian currency?

Algeria. The African country of ‘Algeria,’ easily tops our lists of countries that have a lower currency value than the Indian rupee. Tourists are most often blissfully unaware of the fact that ‘Algeria,’ is the largest country in Africa and is the most attractive of the lot, as well.

What is the value of 1 rupee in other countries?

1. Asian Currencies vs Indian Currency Exchange Rate

Country Currency Value in ₹
China Chinese Yuan 11.35 INR
Georgia Georgian Lari 21.61 INR
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar 9.55 INR
Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah 0.005 INR

Is South Korea richer than India?

Another large economic sector is agriculture. China is the largest agriculture producer in the world. There are about 300 million Chinese farmers. China is followed by Japan with $4.91 trillion, India with $2.29 trillion, and South Korea with $1.59 trillion.

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Is China cheaper than India?

India is 46% cheaper than China.

Which country feels rich in India?

Japan (1 INR =1.65 Japanese Yen)

Moreover, Japan is the country whose currency is much lesser than the currency of India. So, if you’re an Indian and travelling to Japan, you are really going to feel very lucky. Do visit its beautiful shrines, national parks and admire its skyscrapers.

Is Pakistan cheaper than India?

If a city has a CPI index of 120, it means Numbeo estimates it is 20% more expensive than New York (excluding rent).


STAT India Pakistan
Consumer price index > Excluding rent 26.42 Ranked 124th. 29.67 Ranked 123th. 12% more than India

Which is the most cheapest country?

According to this data, Pakistan is the cheapest country to live in, with a cost of living index of 18.58. This is followed by Afghanistan (24.51), India (25.14), and Syria (25.31).

Is Japan expensive than India?

Japan is 199% more expensive than India.

Is Korea cheaper than India?

South Korea is 188% more expensive than India.

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