Is helmet allowed in Bangalore Metro?

This comes after the BMRCL had introduced a rule banning helmets on the metro, which was later withdrawn after commuters protested. On multiple occasions experts have stressed the necessity for the metro network to grow in other parts of the city saying it is one of the only solutions to curb the city’s traffic menace.

Are cycles allowed in Bangalore Metro?

You can now carry your foldable bicycle with you on the metro and board the train with it. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited has ordered its officials and guards to let through the people carrying foldable bicycles as long as they pass through the baggage counter.

Are lighters allowed in Bangalore Metro?

Apart from one lighter and one matchbox per passenger, we have also allowed passengers to carry tools. We received several requests as labourers travel by metro and carry tools for work,” a CISF official said.

Is food allowed in Bangalore Metro?

Dine-in allowed at hotels, clubs, restaurants (except liquor) without AC until 5pm with 50% seating while buses and metro with 50% seating allowed. Gyms can be open with 50% strength (without AC).

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Does Bangalore Metro have toilets?

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) Managing Director Ajay Seth told The New Indian Express, “In Phase-I toilets meant for staff were repurposed for commuters. In Phase-2, toilets are built for commuters and staff can also use them.

Can we carry alcohol in Bangalore Metro?

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has barred passengers from carrying bottles or packets of alcohol while travelling on Namma Metro. Liquor falls under the category of flammable items, which include petroleum, all kinds of spirits, and wet batteries,” he said. …

Who started Metro in Bangalore?

Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), a joint venture of Government of India and the State Government of Karnataka, is the agency for building, operating and expanding the Namma Metro network. Services operate daily between 05:00 and 23:00 running with a headway varying between 4–20 minutes.

Can I carry alcohol in Delhi Metro?

The Delhi Metro has banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles, objects such as knives, cutleries, cleavers and animals of any kind in its trains in Delhi and NCR. … But all this has changed; even sealed liquor bottles won’t be allowed inside stations now.

Can I carry cake in Delhi Metro?

Food packets and eatables. Baggage weighing not more than 15 kg and size not exceeding 60 cm length x 45 cm breadth x 25 cm height. Exception: While other Metro rails don’t allow liquor bottles, Hyderabad Metro rail allows passengers to carry a maximum of two sealed liquor bottles.

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Can I carry dumbbells in metro?

“No person shall, while travelling in metro railway, carry with him any goods other than one baggage containing personal belongings not exceeding 80 centimetres x 50 centimetres x 30 centimetres in size and 25 kilograms in gross weight, except with prior approval of the metro railway administration,” the notification …

How can I get metro ticket in Bangalore?

When entering a station, swipe the token at the entry gate. When departing a station, drop it in the slot at the exit gate. The minimum fare is 10 rupees. Contactless Smart Cards for multiple trips can also be purchased from stations and offer discounts of 5% on the fare.

Can I carry raw chicken in Delhi Metro?

This is not the first time Metro officials have stopped a commuter from carrying specific food. … It said DMRC does not restrict the carriage of non-vegetarian food items, eatables in Delhi Metro, whether raw or cooked if they are packed properly.

Is raw meat allowed in Delhi Metro?

Passengers carrying packed raw non-veg items are being turned back from frisking points at Delhi Metro stations by CISF guards – while an RTI query shows there is no such rule.

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