Question: How much money does India have in reserve?

India’s total foreign exchange (Forex) reserves stand at around US$608.999 Billion on 24 June 2021, the highest ever, with the Foreign Exchange Assets (FCA) component at around US$563.240 Billion, Gold Reserves at around US$36.296 Billion, SDRs (Special Drawing Rights with the IMF) of around US$1.498 Billion and around …

How much is Pakistan foreign reserve?

Pakistan Foreign Exchange Reserves was measured at 17.1 USD bn in Jun 2021, compared with 17.1 USD bn in the previous month.

How much foreign currency does India have?

With foreign exchange reserves increasing to $608 billion as of 11 June, India now has surpassed Russia (604.8 billion) to be in fourth position. The first three are China $3.4 trillion in May), Japan, and Switzerland. In May, India’s forex reserves stood at $598 billion.

Which country has lowest foreign reserve?

A small country with an economy still reliant upon cocoa production, Sao Tome and Principe has the lowest foreign reserves of any country in the world.

The Lowest Foreign Reserves Worldwide.

Rank Country Foreign and Gold Reserves (thousands of USD)
1 Sao Tome and Principe 63,520
2 Micronesia, Federated States of 75,060

Why is India’s forex reserves increasing?

The recent increase in reserves has been prompted by an attempt to prevent large rupee appreciation. In June 2020 the rupee-dollar exchange rate stood at 75.6 while now it is around 72.8, a small appreciation. Intervention helped prevent a larger appreciation.

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How much money does Pakistan owe to China?

China Is Pakistan’s Largest Bilateral Creditor

By April 2021, this external debt had ballooned to $90.12 billion, with Pakistan owing 27.4 percent —$24.7 billion — of its total external debt to China, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

How much India has foreign reserves now?

The country’s foreign exchange reserves rose to a lifetime high of $610.01 billion as of 2 July, compared with $609 billion a week earlier, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said on Friday.

Who holds the most USD?

Of the total 7.03 trillion held by foreign countries, Japan and Mainland China held the greatest portions. China held 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars in U.S. securities. Japan held 1.24 trillion U.S. dollars worth. Other foreign holders included oil exporting countries and Caribbean banking centers.

How many gold reserves are there in India?

Officially reported holdings

Rank Country/Organization Gold holdings (in metric tons)
9 India 676.6
10 Netherlands 612.5
11 Turkey 544.2
European Central Bank 504.8
Contradictory India