Quick Answer: What is the custom duty for laptop in India?

The import duty for bringing laptops into India is zero.

How is customs duty calculated in India?

Basic Customs Duty (BCD): This is the tax that is calculated on the Assessment Value of the goods that have landed at the customs border of India. It can vary between 0% to 100%. BCD depends upon the HSN code of the product and the Country of Import.

Can I buy a laptop in the US and bring it to India?

You can buy one laptop from the foreign country with out paying taxes in India. Further you can bring your used laptop too without paying any tax. So both the laptop can be bought in India without paying the custom duty.

Can we import used laptops in India?

6 Answers. The list of articles to be imported in india is there in the govt. website and in customs office. … The import of used laptop is permissible subject to govt.

Why are laptops so expensive in India?

So most of the electronics are made in Shenzen , and California . So , when you buy a laptop here in India , you are going to pay the transportation charges , custom duty , Margin for importer , wholesaler and salesman, etc. So , any imported piece of electronic will be expensive .

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What is laptop import duty?

The import duty for bringing laptops into India is zero.

How many percent is custom duty?

Basic Customs Duty varies for different items from 5% to 40%. The duty rates are mentioned in the First Schedule of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 and have been amended from time to time under the Finance Act. The duty may be fixed on ad –valorem basis or specific rate basis.

How do I calculate custom duty charges?

How Is Custom Duty Calculated?

  1. The first duty levied is basic customs duty. …
  2. 10 per cent social welfare surcharge is levied on the value of goods.
  3. IGST is levied, which is a combination of factors such as BCD, social welfare surcharge and the entire value.
  4. Levy of GST Compensation cess.

How is duty calculated?

The CBSA calculates any duties owing based on the value of the goods in Canadian funds. The duty rates vary according to the type of goods you are importing and the country from which they came or were made in.

Can I carry 3 laptops India?

There is no limit on the number of devices that you can carry to India from the USA. As long as you pay tariffs and duties, there is no problem. … However, if you wish to take more than two pieces, you will have to pay customs duty for the same.

How many laptops can you travel with?

How Many Laptops Can You Take Onboard For Domestic Flights? TSA (Transport Security Administration) doesn’t limit the number of laptops you can bring on a plane. So on domestic flights, you can have two, three, or even more laptops, and no one will bat an eye.

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Can a laptop be checked in luggage?

Most consumer personal electronic devices containing batteries are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage, including but not limited to cell phones, smart phones, data loggers, PDAs , electronic games, tablets, laptop computers, cameras, camcorders, watches, calculators, etc.

How do you import on a laptop?

In this guide, I will show you two different methods to import a laptop from the USA to India.

Method 1. Import a Laptop using Freight Forwarders

  1. Get USA Address. …
  2. Choose Shipping Address. …
  3. Create Shipment Request. …
  4. Shipment & Tracking. …
  5. Customs Duty Payment.

How can I import my laptop without custom duty?

Export Certificate: All high-value goods such as laptops taken out from Indian when someone goes abroad can be brought back in free of duty if the individual obtains an export certificate. Customs issues this certificate for individual products when the person goes abroad.

Do I have to pay customs for a used laptop?

2 Answers. It depends whether you intend to take this equipment back when leaving the US, or not. If you intend to take the equipment back, it is not dutiable. There is no need to declare it unless it falls into other declaration categories (i.e. food), or unless the CBP officer asks you about it.

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