What is the flora and fauna of Delhi?

What is flora of Delhi?

Delhi occupies a floral diversity of 377 genera and 551 species belonging to 90 angiospermic families. Dicots are represented with 76 families, 299 genera and 448 species whereas monocots are represented with 14 families, 78 genera and 103 species (fig. 2).

What is flora and fauna in Delhi?

Lutyens’ Delhi is home to around 150 species of birds. Even common species such as the Rufous Treepie, the Indian Grey Hornbill, the Coppersmith Barbet, and the Black-rumped Flameback (woodpecker) can seem exotic to most people.

What is Delhi fauna?

Some of the animals found are the Mongoose, Indian Hare, Indian Gerbils, Longeared Hedgehog, five stripped palm squirrel, Indian bull Frog, Nilgai, Rhesus Macaque, Mices, Foxes, Jackals.

What is the flora and fauna of India?

The flora and fauna in India are diverse with a variety of plants and animal varieties. The popular fauna of India includes 500 different varieties of mammals, 2000 species of birds, 30.000 types of insects and several varieties of fish, amphibians and reptiles.

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How many trees are in Delhi?

The planting of 140,000 trees in the urban landscape of Delhi will help in increasing forest cover; improving the habitat for indigenous wildlife species.

Adoption Summary.

Name of the Company Number of Trees Planted Fiscal Year
Other Contributors (Individuals) 9,500+ NA

What is famous food in Delhi?

So without any further ado, I present to you my list of top 10 famous dishes of Delhi.

  • Paranthas. …
  • Chaat. …
  • Butter Chicken. …
  • Kebabs. …
  • Chole Bhature. …
  • Biryani. …
  • Nihari. …
  • Rolls.

How many monuments are there in Delhi?

17 Historical Monuments in Delhi You Just Cannot Miss

The land that has seen many powerful empires in the past is dotted with ancient monuments that are very well preserved and a treat to visit.

Which is the state bird of Delhi?

What do you know about flora and fauna?

Therefore flora is a group of indigenous plants in an ecosystem of a geographical region. … By definition, fauna is a group of indigenous animals of any geographical region. So, the term flora and fauna was coined by biologists to refer to a collection of plant and animal specifies in a given geographic location.

Are there Foxes in Delhi?

Bengal Fox (Vulpes bengalensis)

In Delhi, it can be easily spotted at Aravalli Biodiversity Park and Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. It plays a crucial function in prey-population cycles. It also helps in the management of pests such as orthopterans and small rodents.

What is the traditional dress of Delhi?

New Delhi Culture Dress:

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Salwar Kameez is the traditional dress of womenfolk in Delhi. The style has been imported from the Turkish-Persian region and the dress is stylized in various ways currently. You will find Salwar Kameez with embroidery, stone, and mirror work.

Who ruled Delhi?

Delhi has been a witness to the political turmoil for over five centuries. It was ruled by the Mughals in succession to Khiljis and Tughlaqs. In 1192 the legions of the Afghan warrior Muhammad of Ghori captured the Rajput town, and the Delhi Sultanate was established (1206).

Is a flora of India?

India is rich in flora. Available data place India in the tenth position in the world and fourth in Asia in plant diversity. From about 70 per cent geographical area surveyed so far, 47,000 species of plants have been described by the Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Kolkata.

What do you mean by flora?

Flora means “flower” in Latin, and Flora was the Roman goddess of spring and flowering plants, especially wildflowers and plants not raised for food.

What are the examples of flora and fauna?

Contradictory India