What was India’s biggest princely state during the independence?

Hyderabad was the biggest princely state at the time of Independence. It was a Hindu majority state with a Muslim ruler. The Nizam was given a year to accede to India.

Which state was not the part of India at the time of independence but later on became the part of India in 1961?

On December 19, 1961, Goa officially became part of India and two years later, held its first general election.

Which princely states joined India last?

The United State of Rajasthan was formed as the result of a series of mergers, the last of which was completed on 15 May 1949. Travancore and Cochin were merged in the middle of 1949 to form the princely union of Travancore-Cochin.

Who ruled the princely states Class 9?

The Princely States were ruled by a local ruler who was in alliance with the British Raj. So, these administrative divisions were governed by the British. Hence, this is the correct option.

Who decided partition of India?

The British Prime Minister Attlee appointed Lord Louis Mountbatten as India’s last viceroy, giving him the task to oversee British India’s independence by June 1948, with the instruction to avoid partition and preserve a United India, but with adaptable authority to ensure a British withdrawal with minimal setbacks.

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Are there princes in India?

There is a huge string of dapper and glamorous fresh-faced royals of India, ranging from Maharaja Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur to Princess Mriganka Singh Jammu & Kashmir. They not only lead a luxurious life and therefore are popular in various fields.

Which state was not created in 2000?

Maharashtra state was formed in 1960 by dividing the Bombay province on a linguistic basis into Maharashtra and Gujarat. In November 2000, three new states were created, namely Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal(Uttarakhand), and Jharkhand.

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