Which bank is good for NRE fixed deposit in India?

Bank’s Name FD Interest Rate / Tenure
SBI 5.10% 5.30%
HDFC Bank 5.10% 5.20%
Yes Bank 6.75% 6.75%
ICICI Bank 5.15% 5.35%

Is NRE FD a good investment?

Fixed Deposits (FDs) are not only popular among the resident Indians, but also among the non-resident Indians (NRIs). Bank FDs are considered the safest investment option as there are hardly any instances of banks defaulting on them. NRIs can start FD through their FCNR, NRO, or NRE accounts.

Which bank is best for NRE in India?

10 Best NRE Savings Accounts for NRIs in 2020

Bank Name Interest rate (%) p.a.
ICICI Bank 3.50% to 4.00%
HDFC Bank 3% to 3.50%
SBI Bank 2.70%
Bank of Baroda 2.75%

What is the interest rate for NRE fixed deposit in SBI?


NRE TERM DEPOSITS With effect from 08th Jan, 2021
Tenors Below Rs.2 Crore Rs.2 Crore & above
1 year less than 2 years 5.00% 3.00%
2 years to less than 3 years 5.10% 3.00%
3 years to less than 5 years 5.30% 3.00%
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Can we do FD in NRE account?

Deposit and withdrawal

You cannot transfer funds from abroad to start a fixed deposit from your NRO. However, funds from an NRE account can be transferred into an NRO account for the purpose of opening a fixed deposit. … Withdrawals from both these accounts can be done only in Indian Rupees.

Is LIC better than FD?

Fixed deposits are best for both short and medium term investments whereas life insurance plans are designed for long term investments. You can invest for a period of as low as 7 days in fixed deposits unlike a life insurance plan wherein you need to invest for at least 10 years. You can invest a minimum amount of Rs.

Is FD NRE account taxable?

As such, the interest on NRE FD (Fixed Deposit) and/ or NRE savings account is not taxable as per the provisions of Section 10(4) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Can I have 2 NRE accounts?

No, NRIs can only open one PIS account. However, they can open multiple NRE savings bank accounts. You can open only one NRE PIS accounts.

Which account is better NRE or NRO?

You should opt for NRE Accounts if you want to hold or maintain your overseas earnings in Indian currency. NRE Accounts are also suitable if you wish to keep your savings liquid. You should opt for NRO Accounts if you want to save your earnings from India in Indian currency itself.

Which bank gives highest interest for NRI?

Best NRE Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

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Bank’s Name FD Interest Rate / Tenure
IndusInd Bank 7.00% 6.75%
Indian Bank 5.50% 5.40%
Central Bank of India 5.10% 5.15%
CITI Bank 3.00% 3.80%

How many years FD will double in SBI?

So it will take a little more than 14 years for one’s investment to get doubled in SBI.

What happens to NRE FD After returning to India?

NRE accounts are ideal for inward remittances (foreign earnings) and freely repatriable. However, upon your return to India permanently, you will have to convert your existing NRO / NRE savings account and deposits into resident savings account and deposits.

What is the interest on 10 lakhs in SBI?

State Bank of India Fixed Deposit Returns Based on Investment Amount

Investment Amount For 3 years with interest of 5.3% For 5 years with interest of 5.4%
₹ 1 lakh ₹130267 ₹130917
₹ 2 lakh ₹260534 ₹261834
₹ 5 lakh ₹651335 ₹654586
₹ 10 lakh ₹1302671 ₹1309171
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