Which Indian city is closest to the Pakistani city of Lahore?

Closest Foreign Cities Miles
Amritsar, India 32
Batala, India 54
Moga, India 70
Jalandhar, India 75

Which city of India is closest to Pakistan?

Cities in Asia

Closest Asian Cities KM
Hyderabad, Pakistan 145
Rajkot, India 480
Quetta, Pakistan 589
Ahmedabad, India 602

Which city is close to Lahore?

The closest major cities to Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan based on population are listed below in order of increasing distance.

List of Cities near Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan.

Major Cities Close to Lahore
Shekhupura 39 km / 24.3 miles
Okara 118.6 km / 73.7 miles
Jalandhar 119.8 km / 74.4 miles
Faisalabad 120.3 km / 74.8 miles

Which area is close to Pakistan?

Pakistan shares its borders with four neighbouring countries – People’s Republic of China, Afghanistan, India, and Iran while Tajikistan is separated by thin Wakhan Corridor– adding up to about 7,307 km (4,540.4 mi) in length (excluding the coastal areas).

Is Pakistan near India?

Land. Pakistan is bounded by Iran to the west, Afghanistan to the northwest and north, China to the northeast, and India to the east and southeast.

Is Pakistan more expensive than India?

If a city has a CPI index of 120, it means Numbeo estimates it is 20% more expensive than New York (excluding rent).


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STAT India Pakistan
Consumer price index > Plus rent 17.15 Ranked 124th. 17.77 Ranked 122nd. 4% more than India

Which city is nearest to Islamabad?


Closest Cities KM
Rawalpindi, Pakistan 13
Peshawar, Pakistan 144
Srinagar, India 166
Gujranwala, Pakistan 203

How long does it take from Islamabad to Lahore by air?

Information of Lahore Islamabad Flight

Aerial distance 261 KM
Popular Airlines from Lahore to Islamabad Pakistan Intl Air
Shortest Time of flights from Lahore to Islamabad 00h 55m
Airport codes flights from Lahore to Islamabad Lahore-LHE,Islamabad-ISB
Time of Lahore to Islamabad flights 00h 55m

Is Pakistan north of India?

Pakistan is bordered by India on the east, the Arabian Sea on the south, Iran on the southwest, and Afghanistan on the west and north; in the northeast is the disputed territory (with India) of Kashmir, of which the part occupied by Pakistan borders on China.

Did India paid 55 crores to Pakistan?

India held Rs 55 crores in terms of assets and liabilities that it had to give Pakistan. We held it back to force Pakistan out of Kashmir and that move may have worked. However the Mahatma went on a fast unto death for that money to be released to Pakistan!

Is Pakistan a poor country?

Pakistan is among the poorest nations in the world. … The Human Development Index ranks Pakistan 147th out of 188 countries for 2016. According to several reports, there are a number of reasons why Pakistan is poor, even though it is rich in resources and has the potential to grow.

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