Which nationalist organization did Mahatma Gandhi join after coming back to India?

Answer: In 1930, the Lord Irwin’s Government called for a Round Table Conference in London and Indian National Conference refused to take part in it. So, to make sure that Congress participates in conference he signed a pact with Mahatma Gandhi in 1931. It was known as Gandhi-Irwin Pact.

What did Gandhi do when he returned to India?

In 1915, Gandhi returned to India, where he supported the Home Rule movement, and became leader of the Indian National Congress. In 1930, he led a landmark march to the sea to collect salt in symbolic defiance of the government monopoly.

What was Gandhi’s contribution to the Indian nationalist movement?

Mahatma Gandhi is perhaps the most widely recognized figure of the Indian Nationalist Movement for his role in leading non-violent civil uprisings. He first employed the non-violent approach in South Africa where he was serving as an expatriate lawyer.

What was Gandhi known for when he returned to India in 1915?

Gandhi Returns to India

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After gaining fame and some success as a defender of Indian rights in South Africa, Mohandas Gandhi returned to India in 1915. He was known for his nonviolent opposition of British policies in South Africa that included boycotts, protest marches, and fasts.

When did Gandhi return to India from South Africa?

Struggle for Indian independence (1915–1947) At the request of Gopal Krishna Gokhale, conveyed to him by C. F. Andrews, Gandhi returned to India in 1915.

Who called Bapu to Gandhi?

Much before the Constitution of Free India conferred the title of the Father of the Nation upon the Mahatma, it was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who first addressed him as such in his condolence message to the Mahatma on the demise of his wife Kasturba.

What is the title that is given to Gandhi?

Mohandas Gandhi’s title “Mahatma”

According to some authors, Rabindranath Tagore is said to have used this title for Gandhi on 6 March 1915.

When did Gandhi start the freedom struggle?

He started the movement with Dandi March from 12 March to 6 April, 1930. Mahatma Gandhi along with his followers marched from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi in Nausari District, Ahmedabad on the sea coast and broke the salt law by making salt on 6 April, 1930.

What was Gandhi contribution to society?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is widely recognized as one of the twentieth century’s greatest political and spiritual leaders. Honored in India as the father of the nation, he pioneered and practiced the principle of Satyagraha—resistance to tyranny through mass nonviolent civil disobedience.

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Who is known as Frontier Gandhi?

Abdul Ghaffar Khan, (born 1890, Utmanzai, India—died Jan. 20, 1988, Peshawar, Pak.), the foremost 20th-century leader of the Pashtuns (Pakhtuns, or Pathans; a Muslim ethnic group of Pakistan and Afghanistan), who became a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and was called the “Frontier Gandhi.”

What reason was given for Gandhi’s death quizlet?

There were Hindus in India that didn’t want Muslims to have any majority. Nathuram Godse was one of them. He killed Gandhi for trying to give Muslims some majority and make all religions equal and unified as one.

Why did Gandhi encourage Indians to spin their own cloth?

Gandhi encouraged people to make their own clothes so as not to buy clothes woven in England. Gandhi always traveled with a spinning wheel to spread the idea; moreover, he was always seen spinning even when he was giving speeches. That is why the spinning wheel is the symbol of India’s independence.

Who is Gandy India?

Mahatma Gandhi, byname of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, (born October 2, 1869, Porbandar, India—died January 30, 1948, Delhi), Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist movement against the British rule of India.

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