Which school is best for girls in India?

Which school is best for girl?

So, let us explore some of the best boarding schools for girls in India:

  1. Welham Girls’ School Dehradun. …
  2. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya Gwalior. …
  3. Convent of Jesus and Mary Mussoorie. …
  4. Mayo College Girls School Ajmer. …
  5. La Martiniere For Girls’ Kolkata. …
  6. Vidya Devi Jindal School Hisar. …
  7. Hopetown Girls School. …
  8. Unison World School.

Which is the No 1 school in India?

Ranking list of Top 10 Best Schools in India 2021

1 St. Xavier’s Collegiate School Kolkata
2 The Doon School Dehradun
3 The Shri Ram School Gurgaon
4 La Martiniere For Girls School Kolkata

Which school syllabus is best in India?


  • In India, it is the most commonly followed syllabus and hence accepted everywhere.
  • Many important exams for higher studies in India is connected to the CBSE syllabus because of its relevance and popularity.

Is there any free boarding schools in India?

Conceptualised in 1984 by the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi (1944-91) as free co-education boarding schools modelled on India’s public (i.e, exclusive, private) schools for the brightest and best students of rural India, the country’s 596 JNVs have built an enviable reputation for offering free-of-charge high- …

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Are phones allowed in boarding schools in India?

Smartphones are not allowed in most Boarding Schools and Hostels at 10+2 and below standards as the Management Board and the authorities felt that excessive use could affect the academic performance of the students.

Which is the bad school in India?

Shafi Public School

BestSchool rating for this school is E2, that means this school is one of the worst schools in India.

Is SSC better than CBSE?

It has been said that the CBSE syllabus is far better than the SSC. … Most of the parents prefer the CBSE as it is more helpful when taking competitive and entrance examinations. Unlike the SSC schools, the CBSE schools teach English in a functional way, and the teaching is more oriented for communication.

Is ICSE better or CBSE?

ICSE Syllabus is tougher when compared to CBSE because of the detailed study of all the subjects of ICSE Board. But ICSE Syllabus provides more practical knowledge and it aims to build analytical skills in students. This board has an advantage for the students who will be appearing in TOEFL Exam.

Which is toughest Board in India?

The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) is the most popular and Toughest Board in India, and CBSE toughest school Board in the World. CBSE is the most popular and preferred board in India. CBSE has more than 9000 CBSE affiliated schools in India.

Which is the costliest hotel in India?

So here is a list of the most expensive hotels in the country.

  1. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur. Grand Presidential Suite- Rs. …
  2. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur. Presidential Suite- Rs. …
  3. The Leela Palace Kempinski, New Delhi. …
  4. The Oberoi, Gurgaon. …
  5. The Oberoi, Mumbai. …
  6. The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur. …
  7. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra. …
  8. Taj Land Ends, Mumbai.
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Which school is costly in India?

Doon School, Dehradun

One of the most expensive boarding schools in Dehradun, Doon School is a prominent boy’s only full boarding school. Established in 1935, Doon School follows the curriculum of Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE).

How expensive is Indian education?

The Cost Of Education In India Is Skyrocketing. In 2007, the cost of a Medical Degree was `15.50 lakhs. In 2017, the cost of a Medical Degree is `41.43 lakhs. In 2027, the cost of a Medical Degree, assuming a 10% rate of inflation, will be appx.

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