Which state is densely populated in India?

Bihar is the most densely populated State while Delhi is the most densely populated Union Territory in India as per Census 2011. 1. Bihar is the densest state in the country, succeeded west Bengal.

Which state is the most densely populated in India?

Population Density

State with Highest Population Density West Bengal
State with Lowest Population Density Arunachal Pradesh
UT with Highest Population Density Delhi

Which state is densely populated?

Top 10 Most Densely Populated States of India

Rank State Area(Km2p>2)
1 Delhi 1483
2 Chandigarh 114
3 Puducherry 490

Which state is overpopulated in India?

Largest State of India 2021

There are total 28 states and 8 union territories (UT’s) in India as now. The largest state in terms of area is Rajasthan (342,239 Km2) followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Uttar Pradesh is most populus state is India followed by Maharashtra and Bihar.

Which state has highest density?

Population density – showing population and land area per square miles

Rank State/Territory/ Division/Region Population /sqmi
1 New Jersey 1,210.1
2 Rhode Island 1,017.1
3 Massachusetts 858.0
4 Connecticut 742.6

Which city in India is most densely populated?

India’s urban and sub-urban density is increasing rapidly particularly that of large cities.

List of India’s Top 10 District by Density per sq. km as per 2011 Census data.

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Rank 1
District North East Delhi
State Delhi
Area(Km2p>2p>2) 56
2011 Census Density 36155

Why is India’s population density so high?

India’s population density is high because most of the areas have natural resources that support agriculture and industries. Other factors like water availability and numerous cities have also caused the growth of population.

Which state is the least densely populated?

Least Densely Populated States

  • Alaska. Alaska is by far the least densely populated of the US states and has 1.3 persons per square mile. …
  • Montana. Montana, Wyoming’s neighbor to the north, has a population density of 7.1 people per square mile. …
  • South Dakota. …
  • Idaho. …
  • Nevada.
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