Who is the chairman of Mumbai University?

MUMBAI: Industrialist Ratan Tata was nominated as the chairman of Mumbai University’s first Advisory Council by the state’s Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari. The council is expected to advise the university’s vice-chancellor in academic research and development, administration and governance.

Who is the head of the Mumbai University?

Ratan Tata is the appointed head of Mumbai University’s advisory council.

University of Mumbai.

Coat of Arms
Motto Śīlaṣṭataphalā Vidyā (Sanskrit)
Chancellor Governor of Maharashtra
Vice-Chancellor Suhas Pednekar
Students 7,579

Who established Bombay University?

How do I contact Mumbai University?

Contact Us

  1. University of Mumbai,Vidya Nagari, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098.
  2. 022 26543000 / 022 22708700.

How can I get appointment with Ratan Tata?

Request a meeting through mail

India. If you think a letter take too much time, then you can simply send Mr. Tata an email at the Id srtt@tatatrusts.org. Remember that this is not his personal mail Id but it is of Tata Sons, where he was the former chairman.

Who is the first university in India?

University of Calcutta

Seal of the University of Calcutta
Other name Calcutta University
Motto Advancement of Learning
Type Public research university
Established 24 January 1857

Which is the first modern university in India?

University of Mumbai, formerly University of Bombay, one of India’s first modern universities, established by the British in 1857.

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What is University of Mumbai known for?

The University of Mumbai (known earlier as University of Bombay) is one of the oldest and premier Universities in India. It was established in 1857 consequent upon “Wood’s Education Dispatch”, and it is one amongst the first three Universities in India. Our Services : Central Computing Facility.

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