Why does India and China have a large population Reddit?

The short answer is both the Indian subcontinent and large swaths of the Chinese landmass unfolded paradise on earth for early human beings. Relatively large human populations in both places date back to the further reaches of the ascent of man.

Why do India and China have such high populations?

With more availability for agriculture and a healthy life, survival rates were higher, while more space and food meant that more babies could be born. 1,000 years ago, Asia definitely had more people, but there were only about a hundred million more than people in the rest of the world.

Why does India have a high population Reddit?

As for why they have high populations, it’s because they have existed for a long time, have large territories and didn’t offload its population to other regions. For example, europe would have about 1.5 billion people had it not offloaded a significant portion of its population to the rest of the world.

Why does India have such a high population?

Thus, the population growth experienced in India can largely be explained by variations in birth and death rates. In 1900, India’s population was roughly 238 million. … Other reasons that have contributed to high birth rates are early marriages, lack of awareness, poverty and illiteracy, and illegal migration.

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Did China always have a large population?

While China has historically always had a large population, there are a few countries that may have taken the title, including the Mongol Empire. At it’s greatest extent in the 13th century, the Mongolian Empire consisted of much of China, and spanned over a sixth of the planet’s land area.

Why is China so overpopulated?

Overpopulation in China began after World War II in 1949, when Chinese families were encouraged to have as many children as possible in hopes of bringing more money to the country, building a better army, and producing more food.

Why is China so big?

China expanded until she encounter natural borders. There were no “internal” geological obstacles to hinder China’s expansion. From early on the Chinese government has the ability to organize in order to govern/rule a large area. The core population group, the hans, enjoyed similar ethical, religious, social values.

How did China get so populated Reddit?

It is because they have fertile land that has been intensively farmed for centuries. Since they produced lots of food they could support relatively big populations. It is also possible that Chinese culture or farming and economic activities incentivized having lots of children.

Why does Pakistan want Kashmir?

India claims the entire erstwhile British Indian princely state of Jammu and Kashmir based on an instrument of accession signed in 1947. Pakistan claims most of the region based on its Muslim-majority population, whereas China claims the largely uninhabited regions of Aksai Chin and the Shaksgam Valley.

Is India the most dirtiest country?

NEW DELHI: India is the third-most polluted country in the world. Delhi is the most polluted capital city in the world. Thirty-seven of the forty most polluted cities in the world are in South Asia. These are the findings of the 2020 World Air Quality Report released by IQAir.

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Why is Asia’s population so high?

According to the World Bank, the aging population and low fertility rates are to blame for the increase in population as 36 percent of the world’s population over 65 currently live in East Asia. The World Bank projects that the 211 million people living in East Asia will rise over time.

Does China still have a one-child policy 2020?

China no longer has a “one-child policy,” but it still keeps a lid on births. Beijing on Monday said it would allow all couples to have up to three children, another gradual lifting of its birth restrictions as the number of babies born continues to shrink and the population ages.

Is China overpopulated 2020?

China’s NBS refuted the Financial Times report the next day. “According to our understanding, in 2020, our country’s population continued to grow,” the National Bureau of Statistics said in a one-sentence statement on its website.

Why is Canada’s population so low?

Originally Answered: Why does Canada have such a low population density? About 7% of Canada’s landmass is arable, and some of that is marginal. People want to live in areas where land is fertile. Canada does have areas that are very densely populated, like Toronto and Vancouver.

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