Your question: Why India is the largest producer of tea in the world?

The tea market in India is huge with tens of thousands of tea gardens spread around the nation, including such popular varieties as Darjeeling and Assam. More than half of the tea produced in India remains in the country for consumption, effectively making this a country of a billion tea drinkers.

Is India the largest producer of tea in the world?

Ever since it was first discovered in China in 2737 BC tea has been one of the most popular beverages across the world.

Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries.

Rank Country Metric tonnes of tea produced per annum
1 China 2,400,000
2 India 900,000
3 Kenya 305,000
4 Sri Lanka 300,000

Where does the world’s tea come from?

Production. In 2019, global production of tea was 6.5 million tonnes, led by China with 43% and India with 22% of the world total. Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam were secondary producers.

How much of the world’s tea production is from India?

Worldwide 5,966,467 tonnes of tea is produced per year. China is the largest tea producer in the world with 2,414,802 tonnes production volume per year. India comes second with 1,252,174 tonnes yearly production. China and India produce together more than 60% of World’s total.

Which country tea is best?

The top 10 countries that serve the world’s best tea

  • 1 MOROCCO. …
  • 2 SRI LANKA. …
  • 3 INDIA. …
  • 4 CHINA. …
  • 5 JAPAN. …
  • 7 TURKEY. …
  • 8 KENYA.
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Which fruit is India the world’s largest producer?

List of Largest Fruits Production Countries in the World by 2018

Name of the Fruit First Rank Second Rank
Banana India China
Mango, Mangosteen, Guava India China
Coconut Indonesia India
Fig Turkey Egypt
Contradictory India