What is meant by joint Hindu family business explain its characteristics?

Joint Hindu Family Firm is created by the operation of law. It does not have any separate and distinct legal entity from that of its members. … The membership in this form of business organisation can be acquired only by birth or by marriage to a male person who is already a member of Joint Hindu Family.

What are characteristics of joint Hindu family business?

Characteristics of Joint Hindu Family Business:

There should be at least two male members in the family to form a HUF. Ancestral property should have been inherited by members of HUF. All of the members enjoy this property and have an equal share in that property.

What are the characteristics of HUF?

Features of a HUF

  • Formation: To begin a Hindu Undivided Family there must be a minimum of two related family members. …
  • Liability: The liability of all the various co-parceners is only up to their share of the property or business. …
  • Control: The entire control of the entity lies with the Karta.
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What is joint family explain its characteristics?

The most important characteristic of joint family is that it is large in size. Because it consists of members of three to four generations. It includes parents, grandparents, children grand children and other close blood relatives. Several nuclear families live together as one and constitute a joint family.

What is HUF business explain in detail?

HUF means Hindu Undivided Family. You can save taxes by creating a family unit and pooling in assets to form a HUF. HUF is taxed separately from its members. … Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs can also form a HUF. HUF has its own PAN and files tax returns independent of its members.

What are the aims and objectives of joint Hindu family business?

Joint Hindu Family Firm is created by the operation of law. It is governed by the Hindu Succession Act, 1956. In Joint Hindu Family business ‘Karta’ is the decision maker of the business. Joint Hindu family business act was build to empower the traditional business of the Hindu community.

What are the advantages of joint Hindu family business?

Merits of Joint Hindu Family Firm:

  • Stability: The existence of the Joint Hindu Family firm does not come to an end by the death, insanity, or bankruptcy of any coparcener.
  • Management: The organisation, management, and control of the business is vested in the karta of the family. …
  • Liability: …
  • Membership: …
  • Credit worthiness:

Why is the Joint Hindu Family unique?

Joint Hindu Family Firm is created by the operation of law. It does not have any separate and distinct legal entity from that of its members. The business of Joint Hindu Family is controlled under the Hindu Law instead of Partnership Act.

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What are the features and advantages of HUF?

Advantages of Creating HUF:

  • Just like other individuals, even HUF members are liable to pay taxes every year. …
  • The head of a HUF has all the power to sign the relevant documents on behalf of other members in her/his family. …
  • An adopted child may also become a member of the HUF.

What is HUF in Income Tax Act?

Hindu Undivided Family (‘HUF’) is treated as a ‘person’ under section 2(31)​ of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (herein after referred to as ‘the Act’). … Under Hindu Law, an HUF is a family which consists of all persons lineally descended from a common ancestor and includes their wives and unmarried daughters.

What you mean by joint family?

The joint family is an extension of the nuclear family (parents and dependent children), and it typically grows when children of one sex do not leave their parents’ home at marriage but bring their spouses to live with them. …

What is the importance of joint family?

Joint family helps foster love within a family so that people can be closer to each other for the good of the family. It also helps foster unity as living together means that they have to work together with the goal of a sustainable coexistence.

What are the types of joint family?

According to Gore, joint family is of three types:

  • Filial joint family (parents and their married sons with their offspring),
  • Fraternal joint family (two married brothers and their children) and.
  • Filial and fraternal (combined) joint family.
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Can husband and wife form HUF?

To create HUF, at least two coparceners are required either son or daughter. Therefore only husband and wife cannot create an HUF, unless the property has been received by a coparcener on partition or otherwise. However, there is no impediment to starting a new HUF by gift from family members.

Who comes under HUF?

An HUF is a family which consists of all persons lineally descended from a common ancestor, and also the wives and daughters of the male descendants. It consists of the karta, who is typically the eldest person or head of the family, while other family members are coparceners.

How many types of joint are there in Hindu family business?

Here the liability of Karta is unlimited & rest all have liability as per their share in the business. Membership in business is acquired either by birth in family or marriage to a male member of the family. There are basically 2 types of joint Hindu family business: Mitakshara & Dayabhagha.

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