Who are the two greatest dramatists in India?

Who is the great Indian dramatist?

Kalidasa, (flourished 5th century ce, India), Sanskrit poet and dramatist, probably the greatest Indian writer of any epoch.

Who is the first dramatist in India?

Bhāsa, (born 3rd century ad, India), the earliest known Sanskrit dramatist, many of whose complete plays have been found.

What are the two types of Indian Theatre?

Indian theatre has three specific periods: the classical period, the traditional period, and the modern period. Ending in about 1000 C.E., the classical period was dominated by the Natyashastra and Sanskrit drama.

Who is the best novelist in India?

10 Famous Indian Authors You Must Read

  • Chetan Bhagat. …
  • Amrita Pritam. …
  • Jhumpa Lahiri. …
  • Khushwant Singh. …
  • R. K. Narayan. …
  • Rabindranath Tagore. …
  • Ruskin Bond. …
  • Vikram Seth.

Who is the father of Indian English drama?

English Drama in India was started by Krishna Mohan Banerji with his work The Persecuted (1837).

Which is the first Theatre in India?

Established in 1907 and better known as Elphinstone Picture Palace, Chaplin Cinema is the first cinema hall in India.

What is the national epic of India?

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two main epics of India that both written in Sanskrit, and together form the canon of Hindu scripture. They are both extremely famous in India and, over the centuries, have inspired writers from all over the world.

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What is the famous drama in India?

Some important plays are The Tourist Meeca (1959), The Restaurant (1960), The Doldrumness (1960), The Captives (1963), Goa (1964), Monsoon (1965), An Experiment With Truth (1969), Inquilab (1970), The Refugee (1971) Sonar Bangla (1972) and Angkor (1973).

What is Indian Theatre called?

Despite its name, Sanskrit theatre was not exclusively in Sanskrit language. Other Indic languages collectively called as Prakrit were also used in addition to Sanskrit.

What is theatre from India is based on?

Though the earliest surviving Indian plays date from 100 c.e., Indian theater may have been based on Vedic rituals. The Mahabharata makes references to performers (nata), though it is not known if these included actors.

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