Why did British officials partition India into India and Pakistan what was one result of this partition?

Why did British officials partition India into India and Pakistan? … British officials soon became convinced that partition an idea first proposed by India’s Muslims, would be the only way to ensure a safe and secure region. Partition was the term given to the division of India into separate Hindu and Muslim nations.

What was the result of the British trying to partition India?

The partition was outlined in the Indian Independence Act 1947 and resulted in the dissolution of the British Raj, i.e. … The two self-governing independent Dominions of India and Pakistan legally came into existence at midnight on 15 August 1947.

What is the reason of dividing India and Pakistan?

The partition was caused in part by the two-nation theory presented by Syed Ahmed Khan, due to presented religious issues. Pakistan became a Muslim country, and India became a majority Hindu but secular country. The main spokesperson for the partition was Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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Why did the Indian subcontinent become partitioned into two nations India and Pakistan quizlet?

Jinnah and others feared that Muslims rights would not be respected in a country dominated by Hindus. Parliament passed it and Britain no longer was in control of the subcontinent. They set up partition of subcontinent into 2 separate independent nations known as Pakistan and India.

What was the main reason for the partitioning of India after it achieved independence from Britain?

Due to the weakened state of the British economy post-war it was unable to resist the demand for Independence in India. It was also decided that with independence, India would have partition, the Mountbatten Plan laid out the terms and the details of the partition between the Hindu India and the Muslim Pakistan.

How many died in the partition of India?

The decision of the man drawing the line was not just an administrative formality, it was a matter of life and death. One million died and 15 million were displaced as Muslims fled to Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs headed in the opposite direction.

Who started divide and rule in India?

In 1857, the ‘Great Mutiny’ broke out in which the Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. This shocked the British government so much that after suppressing the Mutiny, they decided to start the policy of divide and rule (see online “History in the Service of Imperialism” by B.N. Pande).

Who divided India and Pakistan name?

In order to determine exactly which territories to assign to each country, in June 1947, Britain appointed Sir Cyril Radcliffe to chair two boundary commissions—one for Bengal and one for Punjab.

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Who opposed the partition of India?

The Hindu, Christian, Anglo-Indian, Parsi and Sikh communities were largely opposed to the partition of India (and its underlying two-nation theory), as were many Muslims (these were represented by the All India Azad Muslim Conference).

How much money did India gave to Pakistan at the time of partition?

The Government of India’s cash balances at the time of the partition were a little under Rs. 400 crores, inclusive of the securities held in the Cash Balance Investment Account. Of these, Pakistan’s share was fixed at Rs. 75 crores; this was inclusive of Rs.

What were the immediate effects of the partition of British India quizlet?

what were some of the effects of the partition of India? effect on the hindu/muslim relations – the muslims killed hindus and silhs moving in india. the silhs and hindus killing muslims moved into pakistan. over 1 million died.

Who migrated in the partition of India?

Beginning of Indian Partition

The partition of India is the migration of British India in August 15, 1947 into two dominion states: the Union of India and the Dominion of Pakistan. The Union of India and the Dominion of Pakistan.

What are the long term effects of the partition on the relationship between Pakistan and India?

What were the long term effects of the Partition on the relationship between Pakistan and India? Over a million people died, people were displaced, Britain lost India. Why was the colony of India divided into India and Pakistan in 1947? Where did most Muslims live?

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